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Welcome to Nini's Lair >:]


Here I'll be posting my commissions info, my art, miscellaneous lists n links, as well as (eventually) my webcomic that I've been working on!
Anyways, congrats on finding my page! I have no idea how you stumbled upon this site out of the billions (way better designed imo) ones out there, but here you are. Every single life decision has led you here-- just thought that was worth mentioning. Something for you to randomly think about at 3AM sometime in the future if you ever remember this page lol.
This is my first time coding a webpage, so as of right now it's still a WIP. Be sure to come back to check for updates. Also, don't forget to sign my guestbook before leaving!

Who am I?

I am who I am!
Which is just an artist who really likes nerdy shit lol
I'm currently an undergrad student in college studying to be a graphic designer, so I might have to dip my toes into web design eventually.
Coding is intimidating to me-- it's well outside of my comfort zone. I did play around with Tumblr html back when I was a teenager, but I don't know if that really counts 'cause I still know jack shit lmfao.
This month (3/'21) I simply decided to rip the bandaid off to get a head start in practicing coding before I'm thrown into the real world after graduation, ya feel? My taste in web design is fugly rn, but I'll improve once I take web design courses later on! Right now I'm just experimenting and catering to my inner 8 year-old self's dream of having her very own website. :)

Useless facts about Nini

  • Day I breached containment from the SCP facility: 8/14/2000
  • Favorite number: 888
  • Favorite color: green
  • Not a fact, but here's a pic of a tortoise having a lettuce munch :)
  • Go crazy aaaaaa go stupid aaaaAA. Go crazy! Go stupid! AAAAAAAAgo crazyyeah, go stupid, uh! Go crazyAAAAAA go stupid!
I plan to add links to all kinds of cool shit I find on neocities to this here blockquote. Might also add funny videos I find on youtube. Keep your eyes peeled before I peel them for you :)


3/22/21: Created this hellsite
3/23/21: Insomnia strikes again! Currently writing this at 2AM. Also, I skipped class yesterday just to make this. You're welcome, Obama #NoRegerts
3/23/21.1: Made a lists page to compile my landfill. Enjoy


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